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OpenStack at FOSDEM ’13

January 11, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

In 3 weeks, free and open source software developers will converge to Brussels for 2+ days of talks, discussions and beer. FOSDEM is still the largest gathering for our community in Europe, and it will be a pleasure to meet again with longtime friends. Note that FOSDEM attendance is free as in beer, and requires no registration.

OpenStack will be present with a number of talks in the Cloud devroom in the Chavanne auditorium on Sunday, February 3rd:

There will also be OpenStack mentions in various other talks during the day: Martyn Taylor should demonstrate OpenStack Horizon in conjunction with Aeolus Image Factory at 13:30, and Vangelis Koukis will present Synnefo, which provides OpenStack APIs, at 14:00.

Finally, I’ll also be giving a talk, directed to Python developers, about the OpenStack job market sometimes Sunday in the Python devroom (room K.3.401): Get a Python job, work on OpenStack.

I hope you will join us in the hopefully-not-dead-frozen-this-time and beautiful Brussels !

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