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OpenStack Essex: the last mile

At the time I’m writing this,  we have final release candidates published for all the components that make up OpenStack 2012.1, codenamed “Essex”:

  • OpenStack Compute (Nova), at RC3
  • OpenStack Image Service (Glance), at RC3
  • OpenStack Identity (Keystone), at RC2
  • OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon), at RC2
  • OpenStack Storage (Swift) at version 1.4.8

Unless a critical, last-minute regression is found today in these proposed packages, they should make up the official OpenStack 2012.1 release tomorrow ! Please check out those tarballs for a last check, and don’t hesitate to ping us on IRC (#openstack-dev @ Freenode) or file bugs (tagged essec-rc-potential) if you think you can convince us to reroll.

Those six months have been a long ride, with 139 features added and 1650 bugs fixed, but this is the last mile.

  1. Roshan
    April 5, 2012 at 05:54


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