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Proposing sessions for the Essex Design Summit

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

In less than a month the OpenStack development community will gather in Boston for three days of discussions and brainstorming around the Essex development cycle.

The main part of the summit is the session tracks. The sessions are proposed by the participants and should generally be about core or incubated projects. There are three types of sessions:

  • Brainstorm sessions (55 min.) are used to discuss and come up with a solution for complex issues.
  • Rubberstamp sessions (25 min.) are used to present and review an already-designed plan. Those should generally be linked to a project blueprint.
  • Discovery sessions (25 min.) where experts go into deep detail into a section of code or feature.

You can already go to http://summit.openstack.org and see or file session proposals. Deadline for proposals is September 27, and the sooner you propose, the more chances you have to get accepted. The proposals will be reviewed by the PTLs and myself and, if accepted, will get scheduled in one of the available time slots. Sessions about official Core or Incubated projects will get priority.

The other part of the summit is an unconference: we will have a whole room dedicated to 55 min. presentations that will be scheduled directly on big whiteboards at the summit itself. Any presentation on any subject vaguely related to OpenStack is acceptable ! We’ll also have half-an-hour worth of 5-minute lightning talks after lunch every day, also scheduled directly at the summit itself on a first come first serve basis.

See for reference: http://wiki.openstack.org/Summit

I hope that this mix of scheduled sessions and unconference style will allow everyone to make the most of those three days. See you there !

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