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OpenStack Bexar FeatureFreeze report

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The OpenStack Bexar release now passed FeatureFreeze. Branches containing needed new features or changing the expected behavior of the software can still require an exception and be proposed, but their benefit will have to outweigh the regression risks they bring for them to be part of the Bexar release.

Some insight on how well we managed to hit the objectives of this deadline (% of specs that were merged in time for the freeze):

  • Essential specs: 3 merged (100%)
  • High-prio specs: 14 merged, 1 still proposed (93%)
  • Medium-prio specs: 9 merged, 2 still proposed, 4 deferred (60%)
  • Low-prio specs: 8 merged, 2 still proposed, 2 deferred (66%)

So we did a great job of getting High-prio proposed branches merged. Thanks to a final push on the freeze day, we also managed to get most of the Medium and Low priority branches in. A few previously-untargeted branches made it, like switching to CoW format by default, support for availability zones or CEPH volumes, for a total of 45 targeted specs. The overall hit score is just above 75%, which is amazing for that number of objectives.

Next stop is in 12 days, GammaFreeze (Jan 25). Until then, we need to get as many bugfixes in as possible. Now that (most) feature branches have landed, it’s time to put your QA suit on and test, report and fix all issues you encounter. Let’s make Bexar a great release !

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