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Introducing UDS-N Cloud Track

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Monday in the sunny Orlando will start the Ubuntu Developers Summit for the Natty Narwhal development cycle, which will result in the Ubuntu 11.04 release. UDS is divided into tracks: in this post I will introduce the “Cloud” track, which I’m very happy to lead. The schedule might still be changed for last-minute imperatives, so you should definitely doublecheck it using the dynamic track schedule.

As you know, Ubuntu Server’s strategy for cloud computing is twofold: be the best operating system to run in the cloud (through our official cloud images), and make available the best of the available open source software to run a cloud (through the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud product).

On Monday, we’ll start with a quick introduction where all the session leads will present their subjects for the week. Then we’ll dive into the heart of the subject with a session on the future improvements of our cloud images. The afternoon will be dedicated to what will happen with Eucalyptus in Natty Narwhal, followed by a two-hour session to brainstorm an installation service for physical cloud nodes.

Tuesday morning we will continue on the same subject, seeing how Puppet can be used to fully bootstrap and maintain that infrastructure we installed. Then we’ll discuss how the components of the Openstack project can be packaged and integrated into Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC). The afternoon will discuss the future of awstrial, the open source project behind the cloud 10 try-Ubuntu-Server-for-one-hour-for-free event, followed by a session on EC2 compatibility for UEC, and finally a session on cloud utilities, in particular the image rebundling tools.

Wednesday will start with a session on systems monitoring, followed by a session on cloud outreach campaigns. At 11:00 we should have a session on web scaling technologies (accelerators, NoSQL datastores, message queues, etc.), followed by a session on Hadoop packaging ! After lunch we’ll discuss desktop cloud images, networking in the cloud (in particular the OpenvSwitch project), and the last session of the day will be an OpenStack gap analysis discussion.

Thursday we will start with a session on distributed logging, followed by a session on the Hudson continuous integration system. After the break we will have a session on the UEC Web interface improvements in Natty, followed by a session on how to make the most use of LXC containers. Containers will still be there after lunch, with a discussion on how to containerize ptrace and kill, concurrently with a session on UEC QA and testing efforts. The containers sessions continue with a discussion on how to use containers in UEC. The day ends with a session on hypervisor technology (improvements in KVM and libvirt).

Friday, last day… There is some room for additional sessions, should one subject need more discussion. Already scheduled are sessions on improvements in our cloud-init and cloud-config cloud image bootstrapping system, automated server testing using Hudson, and a best practice guide for cloud applications.

All in all, a very interesting and complete schedule ! If you want more details, see this list of the sessions, with the links to the blueprints (where you can leave comments on the whiteboard section). Remember that UDS attendance is free, so I hope you will be able to participate to these sessions, either locally or remotely ! See you there…

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