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Terracotta stack now available in terracotta-ubuntu PPA

In an effort to provide access to the hottest stuff in the open source world, the Ubuntu Server team provides recommended PPAs for binary builds of various cloud-oriented Java software. My excellent colleague Clint Byrum made the fast-moving Cassandra easily available in this package archive. Mathias Gug is working on a PPA for Hadoop with the Cloudera patchset. And I collaborated with upstream to provide easy access to bits of the Terracotta stack.

Terracotta is the company behind the widely-used open source cache Java library, ehcache. This library is up-to-date and available in Ubuntu universe currently, and we’ll probably move it to main in the future (which is kinda tricky given the large number of dependencies).

Terracotta also provides an out-of-process caching stack called Terracotta server. It allows to share objects from separate JVMs, which makes scaling much easier. You can use it to share session information across several servers, allowing a single webapp to be served effectively from a range of hosts. You can use it to deploy a clustered stack or a distributed object cache. It’s quite powerful and easy to implement.

This software is now available to Lucid/Maverick Ubuntu users through the terracotta-ubuntu PPA. This PPA provides the binary build from Terracotta, currently split into three packages:

  • terracotta-server, which contains the Terracotta Server
  • terracotta-devconsole, a GUI that lets you connect to Terracotta Servers to monitor and fine-tune them
  • terracotta-common, a package that contains the dependencies shared between -server and -devconsole

Once you set up the PPA, you can easily install the server through:

$ sudo apt-get install terracotta-server

It will start automatically, tune /etc/terracotta/tc-config.xml to your likings !

For the dev console, you should run:

$ sudo apt-get install terracotta-devconsole
$ tc-devconsole

If you’re interested in deploying Terracotta Server for your Java applications on Ubuntu, please use this PPA and let us know of any problem you encounter ! In the next weeks I’ll also add an example application package that will make it easier to understand and get started with the Terracotta stack.

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  1. foo
    August 9, 2010 at 06:07

    Why not put it in Debian?

    • Thierry Carrez
      August 9, 2010 at 06:20

      This is a package made from a binary upstream build, not purely built from source. It is therefore not appropriate for the Debian or Ubuntu main repositories. When we’ll get all the Java dependencies properly packaged, this will be able to move to Debian and Ubuntu classic repositories.

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