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Server papercuts beta1 round finished !

Quick status update on the Server papercuts effort ! We just finished the first round of fixes, targeted to Lucid beta 1 milestone. We had 14 targets: we fixed 10 bugs, invalidated 2 of them and postponed the last two to the beta2 milestone. Thanks to everyone that participated so far !

For beta2 we currently have 7 papercut bugs targeted, that need to be fixed before Beta2Freeze on April 1st. We could have more in the list (ideally between 10 and 14), but we don’t have enough nominations ! Please don’t hesitate to submit new candidates, otherwise I’ll just consider that there is no usability issues anymore in any of the Ubuntu Server packages ! Quick reminder on the procedure:

  1. If the papercut isn’t already filed as an Ubuntu bug in Launchpad, file a bug against the affected Ubuntu package
  2. Look up the bug you want to nominate as a Server papercut, then click on “Also affects project”
  3. Click “Choose another project” and type in “server-papercuts”, click “Continue”
  4. Click on “Add to Bug report”
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