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Samba bugzapping

This week, on Wednesday and Thursday, the Ubuntu Server and QA teams organize a bugzapping session on the samba package. Bugzapping is a concentrated triaging and bugfixing effort on a package or set of packages.

Samba is a complex package, with lots of use cases and specific combinations to support, so we need all the help we can get ! Samba also happens to be the server package with (by far) the largest number of open bugs. If you use shares, happen to have some Windows 7 machines lying around, care about samba or just want to help, please join us 🙂

Here is how we’ll proceed. Wednesday (March 10th) will be Samba bug triage day, and the objective is to triage the ~170 open samba bugs, in particular:

  • Find and mark duplicates (especially on installation issues)
  • Ask for more information on bugs where we miss details
  • Expire bugs where the reporter didn’t provide the necessary information
  • Set bug Importance where it’s missing
  • Confirm that bugs still apply to recently-released 3.4.6 in Lucid (mark FixReleased those that are fixed in that version)
  • Triage any bugs in the confirmed state: identify the problem, test workarounds or solutions
  • File bugs upstream when we can steadily reproduce the issue with Samba 3.4.6

This effort will be combined with a regular Bug Day, in order to maximize resources, and benefit from the QA team experience in handling a large-scale triaging effort. We’ll gather on IRC in #ubuntu-bugs to discuss progress during the day. Guidelines about triaging Samba bugs can be found on this wiki page.

Thursday (March 11th) will be Samba bug fixing day: once the bugs are triaged, some bugs will emerge as fixable for Lucid:

  • bzr branch lp:~lp:ubuntu/samba (or apt-get source samba)
  • Work on fixes, push to lp:~yourname/samba/bugnumber
  • Build a package in your PPA for testing
  • Get someone to verify your PPA build
  • Propose your branch for merging
  • At the end of the day, an uploader will roll all fixes into a lucid upload

We’ll gather on IRC in #ubuntu-server to coordinate that effort, and all people interested can join us, propose branches to merge or help in testing the proposed fixes !

See you later this week…

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